Mr. Burns, a post-electric play is a three-act show that tells the story of a group of survivors recalling and retelling the “Cape Feare” episode of The Simpsons TV show, shortly after a global catastrophe. It then examines the way the story has changed seven years after that, and finally, 75 years later.


Tech rehearsals and performances will take place at The Goat Palace—3740 N Fratney Street in Riverwest. This warehouse space will really give off that “post-apocalypse” vibe! Act I of our show will take place outdoors around a campfire constructed on the grounds. Acts II and III will take place inside the warehouse.


Run Crew will report to the stage management team for each performance. In addition to running the show, responsibilities of crewmembers will include:

  • Safely preparing, monitoring, and extinguishing an outdoor campfire
  • Moving outdoor set pieces and props to their set locations and back at the conclusion of each performance
  • Assisting with set changeover between acts
  • Assisting with wardrobe needs and quick changes
  • Assisting with prop hand-offs
  • Enacting an “inclement weather” plan for the outdoor portion of the show, if necessary
  • Loading in/striking show at the beginning/end of performance run


Wed Apr 12 6pm-10pm Designer run-thru at Milwaukee Rep rehearsal space—crew members invited to attend and get familiar with the show
Fri Apr 14 5pm-10pm 1st tech rehearsal/load in  
Sat Apr 15 10am-10pm    
Sun Apr 16 TBD Easter Sunday—no rehearsal scheduled but will add if needed
Mon Apr 17 5pm-10pm    
Tue Apr 18 5pm-10pm    
Wed Apr 19 5pm-10pm Dress Rehearsal  
Thur Apr 20 6:30 call, 7:30 show Preview performance  
Fri Apr 21 6:30 call, 7:30 show Opening night  
Sat Apr 22 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Sun Apr 23 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Mon Apr 24 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Thur Apr 27 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Fri Apr 28 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Sat Apr 29 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Sun Apr 30 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Mon May 1 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Thur May 4 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Fri May 5 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Sat May 6 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Sun May 7 6:30 call, 7:30 show    
Mon May 8 6:30 call, 7:30 show Closing night/strike  


Interested? Please contact Kaitlyn Martin (Stage Manager) at 970-412-4021 or for more info.