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Hi guys,

The Constuctivists are opening a super interesting play by Sam Shephard this weekend (what play by Sam Shephard isn’t interesting) The God of Hell. This cast is doing really great work and you should come see it. And here’s a thought, instead of waiting for the last weekend or missing it completely, why not come opening weekend and help get the word out when you relate your delightful theatrical experience to, oh I don’t know, everyone you know? Support local theatre!


P.S. The show is at The Underground Colaborative in the basement of The Grand Avenue Mall.  All shows are at 7:30 pm. And if you come tonight, I’ll let you buy me a beer.

The Constuctivists are opening Sam Shephard’s The God of Hell this weekend. Sam Shepard’s THE GOD OF HELL. Opening Friday, September 27 thru Saturday, October 12, 2019. Tickets at #milwaukee #theatre #samshepard #thegodofhellmke #wisconsin #usa #gotmilk

It’s the nature of Combat Theatre that most of the pieces are comedic.  The writers are given a ridiculous pairing of a subject and location and the jokes tend to follow.  But every now and again one of our writers is inspired to write a drama, and that’s just what Michelle Hoff man did when she drew the pairing of Sleep Disorders on a Soap Opera.

Little Billy needs a septum transplant to save his life and there’s only one institution that performs such a delicate procedure and that institution is Desperate Hope Hospital.  And there’s only one surgeon with the hands capable of performing such a feat and that surgeon is Dr. Brock Stronghand.  And there’s only one actor capable of playing such a role, but we’re going to let Jarecki play it again anyway.

Watch as Brock, Dr. Haley McShane and Nurse Celeste race against the clock to save Little Billy’s life, and keep Doug from taking his clothes off.  It’s “Desperately Seeking Septums” and you only have one chance to see an encore of this play originally produced in June of 2007.

It’s “The Best of Combat Theatre…so far!” 

One night only: Saturday, December 17th, 2011

The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center , 325 W. Walnut (on the corner of Walnut and MLK Drive)

Tickets for this benefit for the Bunny Gumbo Theatre Company are $25 and available at the door only.

You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll need a new septum.

We’re getting close and we’re getting excited.  And when you take a look at who’s performing, you’ll get excited too.  Here’s the lineup:

Logan Adams, Diana Alioto, Libby Amato, Brad Bingheim, Drew Brhel, John Cramer, Katie Cummings, Leah Delaney, Kelly Doherty, Karen Estrada, Susan Fete, Donte Fitzgerald, James Fletcher,Reva Fox, Jeff Frank, Maretes Hein, Tim Higgins, Patrick Holland, Matt Huebsch, Angela Iannone, Pat Ivansek, Doug Jarecki, Bo Johnson, Allison Katula, Robert W.C. Kennedy, Joel Kopischke, Amie Losi, John Maclay, Brittany McDonald, Steve Midthun, Ed Morgan, Emmitt Morgans, Alan Piotrowicz, Nate Press, Diane Rector, Jazz Reed, Randy Rehberg, Tami Rentmeester, Brian Roloff, Cheryl Roloff, Jennifer Rupp, Shannon Sloan-Spice, Charles Sommers, Jeana Stillman, Ted Tyson, Jim Thibodeau, John Van Slyke, Matt Whitmore, Ken Williams, Rachel Williams, Tony Wood and Sara Zientek.

I’m all a tingle!

Friday and Saturday, June 3rd and 4th at 8:00 pm.  The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, 325 W. Walnut.

Single night, $18, Weekend package, $30.

8 Writers, 8 Directors, 30 Actors

16 Plays in 48 Hours

We do it because we can!