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Tosa West High School is looking for a Lighting Designer for our upcoming season. Dates and information is below and pay is flexible. This person will design the light plot/lights for the show and work with students to hang and focus the lights.


CHICAGO at Tosa West

Opening Night is November 10

Tech Dates: November 3-9

Schedule and pay is flexible



Opening Night is April 20

Tech Dates: April 13-19

Schedule and pay is flexible


If interested, contact Theatre Director, Adam Steffan at


Casey is a good friend of mine and he has written his first musical.  He lives in Chicago and needs a group of people to read thru the book and give him some feedback. If you know of actors in the Chicago area, please forward their information to Casey.

If the 5th doesn’t work out for you and you are still interested, please let him know.  He may be able to reschedule.

Katie Cummings

What: First read through of “Billy Reed” a new musical
When: Saturday, February 6th (5 pm)
Location: 505 N Lake Shore Drive #906
Free parking in building and pizza provided
Contact: Casey Carmody –  312-451-1716

Needed:  3 males, 3 females – no need to sing

To learn more about the script, please visit: