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I am seeking actors to serve as standardized patients for the physician assistant students. The students are in their didactic year of their medical training, and need practice taking a patient history, conducting a physical exam, formulating a plan and sharing that with the patient, and providing patient education.


Below are dates and times that I need help, along with the theme of the patient encounter. The PA program pays $20 per hour for the time spent as standardized patients on campus. We do not pay for travel time.  We will have you fill out a W-9 and we will send a check to you with your payment, as all checks for Concordia are cut from one office.


Our PA students are eager learners, and are excited to work with standardized patients. So far they have only practiced their skills on other students and the mannequins in our simulation lab.


Date/time Topic Length of each encounter
Tuesday 2-27-18,    1-3pm Microbiology (such as sinus infection, pneumonia, etc.) 20 minute simulation with 5-10 min debrief after each simulation (same scenario with all 4 students)
Tuesday 3-20-18,   1-3pm Cardiac- likely chest pain or rapid heart beat 20 minute simulation with 5-10 min debrief after each simulation (same scenario with all 4 students)
Tuesday 4-17-18,  1-3pm Sexually transmitted infections

Note- the student will ONLY be conducting a sexual history and history of the present illness of either vaginal or penile discharge after intercourse with a new partner.

There is NO physical exam.


20 minute simulation with 5-10 min debrief after each simulation (same scenario with all 4 students)
Tuesday 5-08-18,    1-3pm Explaining lab results to a patient, and providing pertinent patient education.

Multiple topics- depends on how many actors can help- but topics will range from urine test, CBC, kidney function tests, EKG result, etc.

NO physical exam.

PA faculty will be observing the students in these stations

10 minute simulations, with 5 min debrief after each simulation (same lab result scenario with all 8 students)




Thank you so much for considering or for passing on this information to your theatre colleagues! Your participation in educating the next generation of health care providers is greatly appreciated! I will send more details to those who are interested in participating.


I will be in need of standardized patients for other future courses, so if you are interested, but are unable to help on the above dates, please let me know!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Pollyanna Kabara



Pollyanna Kabara, MPAS, PA-C

Assistant Professor

Academic Coordinator

Physician Assistant Studies

Concordia University Wisconsin

(262) 243-2016


Children’s Audition for MUSIC MAN

at Concordia University – Mequon

Concordia University’s Todd Wehr Auditorium

12800 Lake Shore Drive, Mequon, Wisconsin

We are looking for male children ages 7 – 12 to for Concordia University Theater Department’s production of MUSIC MAN including a boy to play the role of Winthrop. Please Email the stage manager at if your child is interested in being part of this production. Most of the children will rehearse on Friday evenings and Saturdays. The role of Winthrop will need to attend rehearsals more often. During tech week (November 4th through the 8th) the full cast will be called every night until 9:30. Performances dates are November 9, 10, 11 and 12.