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Hi Jim,

Please help spread the word from RTW to all the artists in your network: there’s a show tonight and tomorrow and 2 the next day and another after that and another… know how it goes—-through Nov. 11th!  This is a show that deserves a great audience every night!  Artist tickets are $10 day of show.

Please come see ENFRASCADA (a jarring comedy of hoodoo proportions) by Tanya Saracho, an all Latina theater production.  Now showing at the Studio Theatre at the Broadway Theatre Center.

Artist tickets are a pretty good deal to support some really funny and beautiful actors, Rana Roman and Karen Estrada and the Director, Michelle Lopez-Rios, are all locals.  Great designers for this production as well, some local and some from Chicago.  RTW really appreciates you spreading the word to get them an audience to perform for!


I’m very much looking forward to hearing this play and can use all the feedback I can get.  And Katie’s put a delightful cast together for the reading.  And it’s free!


Milwaukee, WI …True to its mission to nurture local artists, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre (MCT) presents the Montgomery Davis Play Development Series staged reading of MORE LOSERS, by Milwaukee-based playwright James Fletcher

An unemployed and depressed dreamer, a barista with writer’s block, a young woman looking for love through sex, a simple man searching for understanding.  Four tales of people marginalized by society.  You’ll need to walk a few miles in their shoes before you label them “losers.”

Playwright James Fletcher is also the co-founder and artistic director of Milwaukee’s Bunny Gumbo Theatre Company, which produced his play LOSERS in 2007. MORE LOSERS continues the style and themes explored in LOSERS, giving patrons a glimpse into the lives of four more underdogs. Katie Cummings makes her MCT debut directing the new work featuring Alexandra Bonesho, Drew Brhel, Karen Estrada, Dan Katula, Emmitt Morgans.

MORE LOSERS  will be performed on Monday, September 17, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. in the Skylight Bar & Bistro, located on the second level of the Broadway Theatre Center, 158 N. Broadway in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward.  Reading reservations are not required; seating is first-come, first-served. The reading is free of charge, with donations kindly accepted.  The Skylight Bar & Bistro will be open for dinner and refreshments beginning at 5:30 p.m. For more information, contact Milwaukee Chamber Theatre at (414) 276-8842.

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre is doing a staged reading of one of my plays.  Katie Cummings is directing a stellar cast and I’d love your feedback.


Milwaukee Chamber Theatre presents

A Montgomery Davis Play Development Series staged reading


by James Fletcher

Monday, September 17, 2012 – 7:30 p.m.

An unemployed and depressed dreamer, a barista with writer’s block, a young woman looking for love through sex, a simple man searching for understanding.  Four tales of people marginalized by society.  You’ll need to walk a few miles in their shoes before you label them “losers.”

Directed by Katie Cummings

Featuring Alexandra Bonesho, Karen Estrada, Dan Katula, Emmitt Morgans,  Anthony Wood

(Contains mature language and subject matter.)

BroadwayTheatreCenter’s Skylight Bar & Bistro

158 N. Broadway | Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward

Reading is free with donations kindly accepted. Seating is first-come, first-served.

The Skylight Bar & Bistro, operated by Indulge Wine Room, opens at 5:30 p.m. for dinner and refreshments.

For information, call 414.276.8842 or visit

$10 Artist Tickets available for Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s CRIMES OF THE HEART – now through Aug. 28.

The Magrath sisters of Hazelhurst, Mississippi have always been offbeat, to say the least. This summer the three of them are back together again and you won’t believe what they manage to get themselves into! Check out this preview video:

By Beth Henley; Directed by Mary MacDonald Kerr; Featuring Karen Estrada, Laura Gray, Laura Frye, Neil Haven, Georgina McKee and Jonathan Wainwright.

FINAL WEEK! Performances now through Aug. 28 at the Broadway Theatre Center’s Cabot Theatre, 158 N. Broadway. MCT offers $10 “Artist” tickets – to purchase just call 414-291-7800 or visit the box office and ask for “$10 Artist Tickets.”

For more information, visit

Next Actors Spread Laughter to Local Community

Final performance brings original musical for teens by teens

Milwaukee, WI – Next Act Theatre is thrilled to announce the final performance for its summer playwriting and performance workshop, Next Actors: Summer Theatre for Teens. The event will be held on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 6:00pm at the Danceworks Studio in the Northern Lights building, 1661 N. Water Street, Milwaukee. Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door and are available by calling the Next Act Theatre box office, 414-278-0765 or visiting

Next Actors: Summer Theatre for Teens, celebrating its thirteenth year, is an intense six-week theatre program offered at no cost to Milwaukee area teenagers. The workshops provide youth of diverse cultural, ethnic, racial and economic backgrounds a safe environment for exploring the performing arts. The program’s goal is to create a one-hour original musical theatre piece, giving voice to the teen’s own ideas and perspectives.  This year’s creation focuses on acceptance and empowerment. The final performance is the culmination of the student’s work. It will be followed by a talkback, and then a reception with hors d’oeuvres and beverages.  All proceeds will go to support the Next Actors program.

Guided by a staff of professional teaching artists, the teenagers develop an original musical theatre piece which tours to underserved communities in the Greater Milwaukee area free-of-charge. Karen Estrada and Doug Jarecki share joint leadership of this year’s program, along with comedian and music enthusiast Keson Holt. Danceworks Resident Choreographer Kelly Anderson returns as choreographer and movement coach.

Next Act Theatre’s mission is to engage the hearts and minds of our audience with compelling and intimate theatre productions intended to stimulate thought, foster the exchange of ideas and to promote the development of new perspectives and understanding. This marks Next Act Theatre’s 22nd season.

Next Actors: Summer Theatre for Teens 2011 Tour

Free Public Performances

Tuesday, July 19th 2:00pm

Milwaukee Public Library

814 W. Wisconsin Ave.

Milwaukee, WI  53233


Wednesday, July 20th  1:00pm

Children’s Outing Association

2320 W. Burleigh Ave.

Milwaukee, WI


Wednesday, July 20th  4:30pm

First Stage Children’s Theatre

325 W. Walnut St.

Milwaukee, WI  53212

Thursday, July 21st 1:00pm

Mary Ryan Boys and Girls

3000 N. Sherman Blvd.

Milwaukee, WI 53210


Friday, July 22nd 10:30am

McGovern Park Senior Center

4500 W. Custer

Milwaukee, WI 53218


Benefit Performances

$5 in advance, $7 at the door


Saturday, July 23rd 6:30pm

Danceworks Studio

in the Northern Lights building

1661 N. Water St.,

Milwaukee, WI 53202

We’re getting close and we’re getting excited.  And when you take a look at who’s performing, you’ll get excited too.  Here’s the lineup:

Logan Adams, Diana Alioto, Libby Amato, Brad Bingheim, Drew Brhel, John Cramer, Katie Cummings, Leah Delaney, Kelly Doherty, Karen Estrada, Susan Fete, Donte Fitzgerald, James Fletcher,Reva Fox, Jeff Frank, Maretes Hein, Tim Higgins, Patrick Holland, Matt Huebsch, Angela Iannone, Pat Ivansek, Doug Jarecki, Bo Johnson, Allison Katula, Robert W.C. Kennedy, Joel Kopischke, Amie Losi, John Maclay, Brittany McDonald, Steve Midthun, Ed Morgan, Emmitt Morgans, Alan Piotrowicz, Nate Press, Diane Rector, Jazz Reed, Randy Rehberg, Tami Rentmeester, Brian Roloff, Cheryl Roloff, Jennifer Rupp, Shannon Sloan-Spice, Charles Sommers, Jeana Stillman, Ted Tyson, Jim Thibodeau, John Van Slyke, Matt Whitmore, Ken Williams, Rachel Williams, Tony Wood and Sara Zientek.

I’m all a tingle!

Friday and Saturday, June 3rd and 4th at 8:00 pm.  The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, 325 W. Walnut.

Single night, $18, Weekend package, $30.

8 Writers, 8 Directors, 30 Actors

16 Plays in 48 Hours

We do it because we can!

“Radio WHT presents Sherlock Holmes” performed at Sunset Playhouse Studio Theatre

A pigmy. A snake. A one-legged man and a pair of shockingly bald identical twins. Sherlock Holmes faces all this and more in “Radio WHT Presents Sherlock Holmes” – a live performance of an original radio drama written by Charles Sommers.  The show is directed by Char Paulbicke and Beth Lewinski and features the acting talent of Randall T. Anderson, Karen Estrada, Tim Higgins, and Jim Owczarski with live sound effects created by Charles Sommers.

Performances are Friday, May 6th and Saturday, May 7th at 7:30 pm, and a Mothers’ Day Matinee on Sunday, May 8th at 3:30 in the studio theatre of the Sunset Playhouse, 800 Elm Grove Rd, Elm Grove, Wisconsin. Tickets are $15.00 and are available at the box office (262-782-4430) or at

The timing of the show for Mothers’ Day weekend is no accident. According to Sommers, Wisconsin Hybrid Theater was formed in part to perform plays his own mom would enjoy. “I knew we were on the right track when people would come back to see a show a second time, so that they could bring their mom along.”

Since 2007, Wisconsin Hybrid Theater has delighted audiences with original adaptations of classic stories in their old-time Radio WHT Studio.  Every Radio WHT production begins with a radio script written by Sommers, adapted from the classics. Each actor then creates his or her own unique metacharacter of a radio performer from the era. During the rehearsal process, the cast improvises in character while performing the script “on air.” The final show is a carefully crafted hybrid of tight script work, choreographed mayhem, and occasional ad libs.

The Shepherd Express calls Radio WHT “brilliantly written and directed” and “delightfully inspired silliness” while WMSE says “Radio WHT is the best in the business (anywhere) at writing and producing live radio dramas.”

Contact: Charles Sommers

414 828-1158


My favorite artist, dwellephant, approached me several years back about getting involved in Combat Theatre.  He loved the concept and wanted to get art involved.  I jumped at the chance and that first round one lucky audience member got selected and dwellephant painted a portrait of her as a bunny during the course of that two hour show.  Remarkable.

But not remarkable enough for dwellephant.  He wanted the true Combat experience.  So the next show, and every show since then, he has created sixteen new works of art, one each for the sixteen plays created during the weekend.  He sets up in another room and can only hear what’s going on in the theatre over the monitors.  When the audience learns what the subject and the location of the next play is, that’s the first time dwellephant learns it as well.  He gives himself only the duration of that play to complete the work.

He was able to get pictures of eleven of the sixteen plays he created for this past Combat Theatre and they can be seen here:  The picture posted here was for John Van Slyke’s play, “To Catch a Honey.”  The Subject was To Catch a Predator and the Location was A Bee Hive.  It was directed by Raeleen McMillion and featured the acting styling’s of Eric Westphal, Stacy Hicks, Emmitt Morgans and Karen Estrada.

dwellephant is a big supporter of all the arts in Milwaukee, and we in turn should support him.  Take a moment and visit his website: 

And if you happen to have one of the seven pieces of art dwellephant wasn’t able to capture, take a pic and send it in and we’ll get it posted.

Hello Beautiful Theatre People,

In Tandem is co-presenting a new play: The Playdaters, by Neil Haven. The production then heads off to the Chicago Fringe Festival. Please join us for a “Send Us To Chicago” Party after opening night Thursday, August 26th. There will be free food from Toppers Pizza and a cash bar and we’d love to see all you thespians.


By Neil Haven

A World Premiere!

Thursday, August 26 at 7:30 pm (Free pizza after!)

Friday, August 27 at 8:00 pm

Saturday, August 28 at 8:00 pm

Saturday, August 28 at 10:00 pm

Tenth Street Theatre | 628 N. 10th St. | Milwaukee

Featuring: Karen Estrada, Elizabeth Shipe, Neil Haven and Jeremiah Munsey.

Tickets: $10

Purchase online at or call In Tandem’s Box Office at 414-271-1371

In this hilarious one-act comedy, roommates Spencer and Erwin exploit a dating website to play a complex game of dares and pranks on unsuspecting singles. As the rules of the game break down, so do the rules of conventional romantic comedy. Spencer eventually wants to try a real relationship with a one-dimensional character, and Erwin, in his efforts to thwart Spencer, finds that he can manipulate the world of romantic comedy in the most astounding ways! NOTE: FEATURES ADULT CONTENT, SWEAR WORDS, and JUVENILE SHENANIGANS. NOT SUITABLE FOR ANYONE UNDER 17.

The Playdaters has been invited to perform at the Chicago Fringe Festival from September 1-5, 2010. See for ticket info. Proceeds from the Milwaukee run will support sending the show to the festival to represent original Milwaukee theatre and garner substantial exposure for the piece. Thursday night patrons are invited to stay after the show for a “Send Us To Chicago” party, with complimentary food from Toppers Pizza and a cash bar!

Hey folks,

I am very excited to invite you all to Skylight’s Enlighten Celebration! 



Kidswrites is written by MPS students grades 4-7.  We receive over 1500 pieces of writing based on the theme “IF” and pick 33-ten of which are turned into songs.  Then these pieces are performed unedited by me, Brian Moore, James Jones, and Rana Roman with accompaniment by Adam Baus.  It will run about an hour and twenty minutes 
and it is entirely free!

I think it is super funny and I would love to see you all there,
Karen Estrada