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A FREE summer theatre program!

June 12 – July 22, 2017

Guided by professional teaching artists, you and your peers will spend six weeks creating your very own original theatre piece. This intensive summer theatre workshop includes improvisation exercises, movement and music workshops and much more.

Auditions are open to all Milwaukee area high school students (freshman in fall 2017 to graduating seniors). Auditions are scheduled,  by appointment, April 25 and 29, at Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St.

To sign up for an audition slot call Next Act Theatre at 414-278-7780 or email


255 S Water St | Milwaukee, WI 53204

414.278.7780 |



Milwaukee Opera Theatre presents:


March 16 – 26, 2017

We’re reuniting the original cast for a revival of our mad-cap, smash-hit, 2015 production. Now with even more cowbell! Join us in the town of Titipu for a Mikado like no other!

Directed by Jill Anna Ponasik and Catie O’Donnell
Music Direction by Ruben Piirainen, with special assistance from Michael “Ding” Lorenz
Choreography by James Zager

The Mikado: Doug Jarecki
Ko-Ko: Jason Powell
Nanki-Poo: Nathan Wesselowski
Pooh-Bah: Joseph Riggenbach
Pish-Tush: Doug Clemons (March 16, 17, 18, 20, 24, 25 at 7:30)
Kelly Doherty (March 25 at 2:00, March 26)
Katisha: Diane Lane
Yum-Yum: Susan Wiedmeyer
Pitti-Sing: Allison Hull
Peep-Bo: Heidi Boyd
The Ensemble: Alicia York and Kelly Doherty

Next Act Theatre’s Performance Space
255 S Water St., Milwaukee, WI 53204

Performance Dates and Times
Thursday, March 16 at 7:30 PM (Preview)
Friday, March 17 at 7:30 PM (Opening)
Saturday, March 18 at 7:30 PM
Monday, March 20 at 7:30 PM (Industry Night)
Friday, March 24 at 7:30 PM
Saturday, March 25 at 2:00 PM
Saturday, March 25 at 7:30 PM
Sunday, March 26 at 2:00 PM

Center (Section 2): $28
Side (Sections 1 & 3): $22
Preview/Industry Night: All seats $18

Tickets available at or 414.278.0765.



‘Twas the Month Before Christmas

a comedy by Doug Jarecki

December 11 – 20, 2015
Directed by James Fletcher

We have all heard the story of what happened that magical night in the manger in Bethlehem, but ever wonder about the story before the story? ‘TWAS THE MONTH BEFORE CHRISTMAS takes a look at the lives of Joseph and Mary, the three kings, and the innkeeper, and shows you what things might have been like leading up to that night. This sweet and silly play is sure to put you in the holiday spirit as it shows you that we all have a role to play in the greatest story ever told.

Friday, December 11 @ 7:30

Saturday, December  12 @4:00 and 7:30

Sunday, December 13 @ 2:00

Monday, December 14 @ 7:30 Pay What You Can

Friday, December 18 @7:30

Saturday, December  19 @4:00 and 7:30

Sunday, December 20 @ 2:00

Adult: $23
Senior/Student: $20
Group (10 or more): $20

Next Act is located at 255 S. Water St./Milwaukee, WI/53294

For more information or to order tickets visit


Can you believe this team???!!!

Combat Theatre veterans:

Goofy Doug Jarecki

Sexy Allie Bonesho

Inscrutable Drew Brhel

Musical wizard Brian Myers



Plus  Carrie Hitchcock, Mary Kababik and Michael Pocaro,

all together in a near-future fantasy called —

HERESY  by A.R. Gurney at Next Act Theatre through December 14th.

The story  : It’s the year 2020.  Looks like the National Guard is in charge of the countryMary and Joe’s son, Chris, has been spreading an inspirational message that’s making the powers-that-be a little crazy. He’s got new ideas on living that might just shake up the world.   Homeland Security’s taken Chris into custody, and his friends and family are trying to get him released.  But that might be the most dangerous thing they could do.  It turns out that HERESY can be found  in many ideas, and you’ve probably had a few of them yourself.

These talented and krazy kids will also bring you the added,

special bonus, world premiere of


  • a Doug Jarecki and Brian Myers original concoction.

In the Crackdown Café, we take a glance at people on the edge of survival, in a world plagued by shortages of resources, morality and gumption (how often do you get to hear that word?).  But, and we emphasize, BUT, there is no shortage of humorous sketches, songs and stupidly-funny commercials for your enjoyment.  You’ll completely forget about your troubles because you’re laughing so hard at theirs.  And that’s really the point, right?  Thanks to creators Jarecki and Myers, you’re in for a post-crackdown treat.

Critics crackdown

ADDED BONUS: the critics are saying they don’t like the show.  Wow, that’s added value right there!  Here’s your chance to tell the critics where to put it, as you put your butt in a Next Act seat to see for yourself.  Allie Bonesho says, “People with ‘Combat humor’ are going to love this show.”

Special Combat offer:

So, come on Combat troops:  to Next Act Theatre, now through December 14th.  And don’t forget to ask for the special offer with promo code, “I love Doug.”  Well, you don’t have to say it if it isn’t true, but be sure to ask for the special Combat discount!  Discount is 20%.

See you at Next Act!        255 S. Water Street, Milwaukee, WI          414-278-0765


MJS nextact03p3

I’m looking for props people to do my upcoming season.

Could be one person for all the shows, or multiple and we split up the season.

(Last season’s props master had a big schedule change and cannot return.)


-Design Fee per show runs about $1,750.

-Separate Materials budget is available for each production.


All inquiries can come to David Cecsarini





Sept 18 – Oct 12, 2014


Rehearsals       Aug 26

Load-in           Sept. 15

Preview           Sept 18

Opening          Sept 19

Closing            Oct  12



HERESY by A.R. Gurney

Nov 13 – Dec 7 or Dec 14, 2014


Rehearsals       Oct 21

Load-in           Nov. 10

Preview           Nov 13

Opening          Nov 14

Closing            Dec 14



NO CHILD by Nilaja Sun

Jan 29 – Feb 22, 2015


Rehearsals       Jan 6

Load-in           January 26

Preview           Jan 29

Opening          Jan 30

Closing            Feb 22, 2015



TEN QUESTIONS to Ask your Biology Teacher about Evolution by Stephen Massicotte

April 9 – May 3, 2015


Rehearsals       March 17

Load-in           April 6

Preview           April 9

Opening          April 10

Closing            May 3



Anything you can suggest to get the word out will be appreciated.


Thank you, and good luck with the musical.  That’s insane!


-David C.



David A. Cecsarini

Producing Artistic Director



255 S. Water Street

Milwaukee, WI  53204


414-278-7780  ph

414-278-5930  fx

414-940-7780  cell



Hi Folks,

Attached is a film casting notice: they’re auditioning today and tomorrow in our space.

They’ve asked us to pass this on, so I’m asking that favor of you – the people with all the email, Twittery and FBookin’ connections.  Please forward to your lists if possible, and obviously soon.


Kish was just here yelling in the rehearsal hall, and we can’t just let him have all the fun!


Thank you.




From: Theresa Boyeson []
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 9:03 AM
Subject: Can you send out casting notice


Dear David,


This is Theresa Boyeson Kudo, Casting Director for EMOTION. We are at your theatre today casting.  We are looking for so many people, especially families.  Would you consider sending out our casting call notice to the people in your theatre group?  We would really appreciate the help.  We are there until 5:00 today and until 7:00 pm tomorrow. We are booked for the first hour tomorrow but we have openings from 12:00.  We have Many openings today!


Thanks and see the attached notice.  There are many roles and not all are listed.


Thanks again,



Theresa Boyeson Casting

Casting . Makeup . Wardrobe

Madison, WI


CASTING NOTICE pdf– Milwaukee



I”am”very”excited”to”announce”a”truly”artistic”project”being”cast”and”filmed”in”the” Milwaukee”area.””This”is”both”for”the”ACTORS“who”would”like”to”add”something”beautiful”to” their”reel.””It”is”for”REAL(PEOPLE“who”would”just”like”to”be”themselves”and”maybe”go”viral.”” It”is”for”the”experienced”and”the”inexperienced”as”there”are”roles”for”both.””Please”read” below”to”hear”what”the”writers”and”directors”say”about”how”they”will”use”this”Video”Art” piece,”EMOTION.””Check”out”links”to”their”similar”Award”Winning”Internet”Videos.”

“Emotion is a film that reveals the interconnectedness of feelings. A journey that celebrates the beauty of everyday life, and the mystery of emotional expression.”

“This film will be on the internet. From there, we often get invited to various screenings around the world (film festivals, talks, colleges etc.) but our starting point will simply be posting it online.”






CASTING:( Dates(and(Time(Slots:””(By”appointment)””Please”schedule”families”and”groups”together!”Wednesday,”May(14,(2014“–”9:00″am”to”5:00″pm”Thursday,”May(15,(2014(–(11:00″am”to”7:00″pm” PLEASE”Email”Theresa((Boyeson)(Kudo“to”Schedule”a”time.””




255″S.”Water”St,”Milwaukee”53204.” (Parking”on”the”south”side”of”the”building)(


Compensation:((There”will”be”a”small”Cash”payment”for”all”involved.””Most”roles”will”take”a” few”hours”to”shoot”or”less.”””







































Men”18(to(40’s“–”All”Ethnicities”Man”`””Real(Doctor“–”50’s”non`actor”Man”50’s(to(70’s”face”naturally”reads”Struggle”and”Pain” Man”20’s(to(30’s“face”naturally”reads”Struggle”and”Pain” Man”70’s“Non”Actor”


(Women)(Single(Roles:( Women”30’s(to(40’s





By Mike Daisey
Performed by Robby McGhee
Directed by Alan Piotrowicz
Produced by The World’s Stage Theatre Company

May 31st @ 7:30 PM

June 1st @ 7:30 PM

June 2nd @ 2:00 PM

Next Act Theatre space, 255 S. Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204.

All tickets are $20 and can be purchased anytime online at, by phone at 414-278-0765, or in person at the Next Act box office.

For more information on this production, visit at


In The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, Mike Daisey turns his razor-sharp wit to America’s most mysterious technology icon in a hilarious and harrowing tale of pride, beauty, lust, and industrial design.  The piece illuminates how the former CEO of Apple and his obsessions shape our lives, while following the trail all the way to China to investigate the factories where millions toil to make iPhones and iPods. Daisey’s journey shines a light on our love affair with our devices and the human cost of creating them.  After over 200 performances in 18 cities over 19 months by its original author, the show has been made available for others to perform and has had over 35 productions and been translated into six languages.  With its 2.0 release, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs is now sharper and stronger — the New York Times called it “more powerful, funny, and engaging” than ever — and is ethically made.  Of the original production, Michael Moore wrote, “Mike Daisey, in addition to providing us with a riveting, hilarious, but ultimately gut-wrenching piece of theater, may actually end up being singularly responsible for bringing Goliath to its knees.”

Equity auditions Monday, March 11!

What:  Actors’ Equity Auditions for Renaissance Theaterworks, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre and Next Act Theatre on Monday, March 11, 2013.

Two contrasting monologues for a total of three minutes. 

How:  Sign up by calling on Monday, March 4 from 9:00-11:00 am

Next Act Theatre 414-278-7780

Where:  Next Act Theatre Monday, March 11 10:00-2:00

255 S. Water St, Milwaukee, WI  53204



Last show is at 2:00 tomorrow.


Hey Folks,

I’ve got a fervent, last-minute request for your help —

A STEADY RAIN by Keith Huff, (at the Next Act space) has 3 tickets sold for their closing matinee Sunday.

That’s really a shame, because these guys deserve an audience.

It’s an excellent, contemporary script with tight performances — 95 minutes well-spent in the theatre.

The show is produced by a small, upstart company out of Chicago.  They’re trying to develop some new collaborative relationships outside of their city.  But they could use a bit more help.

Mike Fischer’s Milw. J/S review link is here —

They’ve currently got a $20 industry ticket available.  By tomorrow, it may be less.

Please call the Next Act box office and see.  414-278-0765.

I understand we all have priorities and our resources can be limited.  Surely, though, there must be 20, or even 100, inquisitive souls out there who can give 2 hours tomorrow in support of good theatre.  It could be better than hiding from the Trick-or-Treaters at home!


Best regards,

David C.

David A. Cecsarini
Producing Artistic Director

P.O. Box 394
Milwaukee, WI  53201

Admin:      414-278-7780     
Box Offc:  414-278-0765
Fax:          414-278-5930

Hey there Bunny Gumbo fans,


I left my desk tonight at 6:55 pm, joined my friend Jonathan Smoots in the Next Act lobby, and then watched a great show in our space.


Produced by the Chicago Commercial Collective, A STEADY RAIN  boasts a taut script by Keith Huff, terrific direction by Russ Tutterow, and just kick-ass acting by the boys, Randy Steinmeyer and Peter DeFaria.  These guys originated the show back in 2008, well before it went to Broadway, and you can understand how it caught New York’s attention.


This is simple story telling and you can’t fake that.  These guys summon all the rhythms, the interplay, the soul-searching and tortured truth-telling up from their inner depths. The connections forged between actors, audience and script are so strong that no moment goes by unfilled.  It’s the essence of engaging theatre.  I’ll let the Chicago Trib speak now because they use better adjectives: “A gritty, rich, thick, poetic and entirely gripping noir tale.”  Yeah, that’s what it is.


A STEADY RAIN could be called a cop drama, but it’s really a friend drama in the deepest sense of that idea.  It’s a complex story of loyalty being put to the test by human weakness, an epic and personal struggle between reality and the ideal.


The kicker is, though, that it’s only here this week.  Thursday through Sunday, October 25 – 28 will be the only opportunity to hear this story told so well.  It would be a shame to miss.  The Next Act website has the schedule.  414-278-0765 for tickets and information.  Or just come to the door.


Best regards,

David Cecsarini