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Artist Tickets for Phaedra’s Love by Sarah Kane
Artist Tickets are available for the Monday May 26th performance of Phaedra’s Love at 7:30pm.
Go to and enter code BURN.
The World’s Stage Company production of PHAEDRA’S LOVE runs May 23rd – May 31st.
The play re-envisions Seneca’s classic tragedy of incest, unrequited love, and lust. Sarah Kane is a highly-controversial British playwright – whose plays like Blasted and 4:48 Psychosis shook the theatre landscape. Initial reviews of her work called it “disgusting feast of filth” but critics later commented that she wrote in the “bleached language of truth and poetry.”
As far as we know, Sarah Kane has never been done in Milwaukee before. Join us in an empty storefront in the Grand Avenue Mall (between TJ Maxx and the main doors, directly off Wisconsin Avenue) for this story of love, faith, depression, and the way we see the world we live in.
The production is directed by Leda Hoffmann and features Phil Sletteland, Amy Hansmann, Robert WC Kennedy, and Jocelyn Ridgely.
Tickets for the entire run are available at or at the door, depending on availability.
The production contains sexual and violent content.

Get your Combat on!

It only comes around twice a year.  Your chance to get your fill of Combat madness is this weekend.

8 writers, 8 directors, 35 actors and 1 pianist coming together to create 16 new shows over the course of 48 hours.

The Bunny Gumbo Theatre Company presents Combat Theatre

Friday and Saturday, June 1st and 2nd at 8:00 pm

The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center (MYAC)

325 W. Walnut St. (on the corner of Walnut and MLK Drive)

Tickets are $18 and available at the door only

We do it because we can!

The beauty of Combat Theatre is that it arrives in a flash.  A show that didn’t exist 24 hours earlier is fully realized, and those in attendance get to share the great joy of having 8 shows smack them in the kisser.  But those shows only exist for that single evening, residing in the collective memories of that particular audience, but never to be seen again.

But what if you could go back?  Maybe not to every show, but to those really special shows that everyone talks about; the ones you could kick yourself for having missed.  Would you?

You have that opportunity, but only for one night and in one place.  8 of the best plays from the last decade will grace the stage once again with many of the original cast members inhabiting the roles they originated.

Magicians in Northern Wisconsin

Fast Dating at the Running of the Bulls

A Fan Dance in Pee Wee’s Playhouse

Hamlet in a Kiddie Pool

Stephen King in a Nest

A Drug Experience at an Accident Scene

Sleep Disorders on a Soap Opera


Nazis in Mayberry

The Bunny Gumbo Theatre Company presents: The Best of Combat Theatre…so far!

Saturday, December 17th at 8:00 pm

The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center (MYAC)

325 W. Walnut (on the corner of Walnut and MLK Drive)

Tickets for this special benefit show are $25 and available at the door only.

You’ll be able to tell your grandkids you were there!

For more info visit our website at:

And for info about Bunny Gumbo and all other theatre events, go to:

Bunny Gumbo – We do it because we can!

Win tickets to see The Best of Combat Theatre…so far!  Send pictures of your Halloween get up to  The winning submission will receive two tickets to the show.  Act fast!  All submissions must be received no later than midnight on November 2nd, 2011.  Get your Bunny on!

We’re getting close and we’re getting excited.  And when you take a look at who’s performing, you’ll get excited too.  Here’s the lineup:

Logan Adams, Diana Alioto, Libby Amato, Brad Bingheim, Drew Brhel, John Cramer, Katie Cummings, Leah Delaney, Kelly Doherty, Karen Estrada, Susan Fete, Donte Fitzgerald, James Fletcher,Reva Fox, Jeff Frank, Maretes Hein, Tim Higgins, Patrick Holland, Matt Huebsch, Angela Iannone, Pat Ivansek, Doug Jarecki, Bo Johnson, Allison Katula, Robert W.C. Kennedy, Joel Kopischke, Amie Losi, John Maclay, Brittany McDonald, Steve Midthun, Ed Morgan, Emmitt Morgans, Alan Piotrowicz, Nate Press, Diane Rector, Jazz Reed, Randy Rehberg, Tami Rentmeester, Brian Roloff, Cheryl Roloff, Jennifer Rupp, Shannon Sloan-Spice, Charles Sommers, Jeana Stillman, Ted Tyson, Jim Thibodeau, John Van Slyke, Matt Whitmore, Ken Williams, Rachel Williams, Tony Wood and Sara Zientek.

I’m all a tingle!

Friday and Saturday, June 3rd and 4th at 8:00 pm.  The Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, 325 W. Walnut.

Single night, $18, Weekend package, $30.

8 Writers, 8 Directors, 30 Actors

16 Plays in 48 Hours

We do it because we can!

Once more.

And another.

If it’s a Randy Rehberg piece there are better than even odds that it’s going to feature Robert WC Kennedy.  As a matter of fact it was a complete Rehberg/Kennedy weekend as he also appeared in Randy’s play the second night.  This is from Combat 11 which took place at the Off-Broadway Theatre.  Randy’s pairings were The Mickey Mouse Club in a Mousetrap.  Probably should have called the Spanky Variation on that pairing.  Also featured is Libby Amato.

These next two shots are from Michael John Moynihan’s play, “The Big Bad News.”  Michael’s variables were The Big Bad Wolf in a Whale’s Belly.  It featured the acting talents of Toni Inzeo, Tom Reed and Mary Morales.