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The Milwaukee Entertainment Group will be holding Auditions for it’s 2018-19 Season on Saturday June 2nd from 10am-4pm and Sunday June 3rd from 5pm-9pm at the Brumder Mansion 3046 W Wisconsin Ave. Descriptions of our scheduled plays are posted below.

To set up an audition, please email Amanda at:
In the email please include a headshot and resume and the times you are available on the audition dates.

Please prepare a monologue under 3 minutes long and be ready for possible cold readings. If you are interested in singing in one of our shows with music, please also prepare a song of your choice that shows off your full vocal range to be sung a capella. Please bring a copy of your headshot and resume to your audition and have conflicts available to share. Callbacks will be scheduled separately as needed for each production.


By Lillian Hellman
In the Subterranean Theatre at the Brumder Mansion

Directed by Dylan Sladky

Follow this link for Outskirts Audition Details:
For More Information about MEG please visit:

MEG’S 2018-2019 SEASON

By Matthew Konkel
September 7TH-22ND, 2018
Directed by Tom Marks


Eons ago (actually about 3 years) when the world was younger and some of us were shorter, MEG produced a hilarious radio-style show titled Jake Revolver, Freelance Secret Agent by local playwright Matthew Konkel. He has now written a sequel to the show curiously titled: Jake Revolver, VCR Repairman. Employing the same silly noir-parody tone and live radio show format as the original, Jake Revolver, VCR Repairman is more amusing and more “radioing” than the first! In the new episode, Jake Revolver has left his investigative roots to open a successful, albeit obsolete, video repair business and is charged with finding the ominous and infamous Berlese VCR. It’s a seriously funny foray into the dark and hysterical world of a once secret agent turned small electronics mechanic. Don’t miss Jake Revolver, VCR Repairman!
By Joseph Kesselring
October 12TH-27TH, 2018
Directed by Zach Thomas Woods

Mortimer Brewster is living a happy life, he has a steady job at a prominent New York newspaper, he’s just become engaged, and he gets to visit his sweet spinster aunts to announce the engagement. Mortimer always knew that his family had a bit of a mad gene — his brother believes himself to be Teddy Roosevelt and his great-grandfather used to scalp Indians for pleasure — but his world is turned upside down when he realizes that his dear aunts have been poisoning lonely old men for years! When Mortimer’s maniacal brother, Jonathan. (who strangely now resembles Boris Karloff) returns on the night that the aunts were planning to bury the newest victim, Mortimer must rally to help his aunts and protect his fiancé — all while trying to keep his own sanity as well. Join us for this uproariously farce on plays involving murder.
December 7TH-22ND, 2018
Adapted from the 1947 Lux Radio Broadcast
by Lance Arthur Smith
Original songs and arrangements by Jon Lorenz

When a department store Santa claims he’s the real Kris Kringle, his case gets taken all the way to the Supreme Court and a little girl’s belief makes the difference in the ‘miracle.’ With live Foley effects and a score of holiday carols, Miracle on 34th Street is a beloved musical that will melt even the most cynical of hearts.
By Steven Carl Mccasland
March 22ND-April 6th, 2019
Directed by Bryce Lord

In 1980, Mary McCarthy told Dick Cavett that “everything Lillian Hellman says is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.” She also claimed to know a woman who could prove it. And with those words, a legendary literary feud began. In Little Wars, it’s France, 1940. Tensions are high. The booze is flowing. War is coming. Inspired by one of the literary world’s most famous scandals, Steven Carl McCasland’s LITTLE WARS features Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker, Gertrude Stein, Agatha Christie, Alice B. Toklas and Muriel Gardiner having the best what-if dinner party imaginable. Together they’ll drink, scoff and face their demons. Everyone has a confession. Someone has a secret.

“Have you ever dreamed of attending one of Gertrude Stein’s infamous salons?… Little Wars…is about as close as you can get. I can’t recall the last time I saw so many incredible personalities portrayed on stage, let alone in a cast entirely of women.” – After Ellen

By Andrew Peterson
June 7th– 22nd, 2019
Directed by Robert A Zimmerman

Join us in witnessing the disastrously unsuccessful efforts of a buffoonish, egocentric director to stage a murder-mystery play at the Brumder Mansion. It is quirky, dark and absurd. We’d tell you ahead of time the name of the famous director who’s coming to The Brumder Mansion – but we’d have to kill you. Trust us – you’ve heard of him. You’ve stood in line to see his movies. You’ve seen them on Netflix… Some of you have probably even pirated them on the torrents (don’t worry – we won’t tell). And now he’s coming here. To Milwaukee. To take you behind the scenes of his next artistic sensation: Not Dead Yet. Don’t miss it.





On the evening of Monday July 24th we are holding Auditions for the Milwaukee Entertainment Group’s Production of:


“The Secret of Sherlock Holmes” by Jeremy Paul


Directed by Tom Marks


MEG is in search of a male actor aged 45-75 to play Dr. Watson in this two-man show.

Actor must be able to memorize lines with ease and present a British RP dialect.

Rehearsals will be scheduled between January 2nd – 24th based on Actor availability and performances run from January 25th – February 10th, 2018.


Actor will be compensated.


To set up an audition please email your headshot and resume or a recent photo and list of theatre experience to Amanda at



The Secret of Sherlock Holmes is a tribute to the remarkable friendship of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Divided into two Acts, it chronicles their friendship from the time of their first meeting in A Study in Scarlet, to Holmes’s faked death in “The Final Problem” in Act I. Act II explores the strain on their relationship as a result of Holmes’s deception, finally culminating in the revelation of the renowned detective’s shocking secret.


For more information about MEG please visit




The Milwaukee Entertainment Group is looking to cast two fantastic Original shows by Local Playwrights for our upcoming Season.
Jake Revolver Freelance Secret Agent by Matthew Konkel & aMUSEd by Megan Ann Jacobs

AUDITIONS will be Saturday May 23rd, 2015 – you will need to sign up for an audition time in advance, though we will try to accommodate walk-ins. Sign Up for your audition by emailing Amanda with your name, phone number and times you are available on the audition date at:

Feel free to prepare a comedic monologue (though not required), we will be providing sides from the shows for you to prepare in advance for the audition.

CALLBACKS (if needed) will take place on the evening of May 24th.

We are looking for experienced Actors. If cast, you will be compensated for your time and talent and those details will be disclosed to you at the time you are offered the role.

See more about the MEG at:

Jake Revolver Freelance Secret Agent
-A Radio-Noir Parody Written by Matthew Konkel
Directed by Tom Marks

Wherever there’s a right needing to be wronged, he’ll be there. Whenever there’s food needing to be eaten, he’ll have a fork. And whatever you can do, he can do better. Some say he’s not human. Others say he’s just a man. Only a small percentage say he’s a woman. But no matter what he is, his name and title remain the same. Into the light of the dark black night comes… Jake Revolver, Freelance Secret Agent!

TENTATIVE REHEARSALS for Jake Revolver will be from May 25th-June 4th and Performances will run from June 5th-June 27th. Please bring all conflicts with you to the audition.


RADIO ANNOUNCER, Transitional character used to shift between story acts and to support the radio drama concept. Could be done as a recorded voice over.
JAKE REVOLVER, A freelance secret agent— basically a private detective in the tradition of Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe. Projects a persona of resourceful intelligence, sharp wit and a tough exterior, however, he often has spells of emotional frailty and dense intellect.
EMMY AWARD, Dedicated secretary to Jake Revolver. Resilient and perceptive, Emmy is a smart woman who’s in love with Jake Revolver and harbors a big secret.
ANGEL FATALE, Her name tells her story. The traditional femme fatale of the noir genre. Angel exudes a false frightened and helpless exterior to manipulate Jake Revolver and serve her own personal nefarious agenda.
NARRATOR, Jake Revolver’s chronicler used to speak Jake’s thoughts and
supplement his actions. At times Narrator acts as a partner to Jake. He’s
confident, omniscient and bold— also sometimes pushy and extremely verbose.

  1. ANN DANDERSON, Classic overly suspicious and obsessive crime genre police officer. Danderson is an experienced and thorough cop with a fanatical agenda to take down Jake Revolver.

DASHIELL ROLL, Jake Revolver’s former partner. Once a dedicated partner, he’s now believed to be dead. He blames Jake for his near-death and returns to exact his revenge. He is smart and obsessive and also totally insane.
RAYMOND RATTLE, Another of Jake Revolver’s former partners. In the past he was a supportive colleague and a good agent but in present day he’s become suspicious and irrational.

  1. CRAY, A client from Jake Revolver’s past. A mysterious presence, cool and calculating.

WINDY, Shady owner and operator of Breezy’s Nightclub.
TRUDY, Plastic, affected radio commercial spokesperson.
WALLACE, Hapless and innocent radio commercial representative.
– A fast paced, fun-filled dramatic-comedy
Written and Directed by Megan Ann Jacobs

Alone in a New York apartment, the god of comedy is melancholy, and he wants everyone to know it. Sebastian, the last remaining Greek Muse, mourns the passing of his latest instrument and friend, passing time by successfully spooking, pranking, and sabotaging every opportunity for a potential replacement. Until Nikki. Driven by her own personal demons, Nikki stubbornly battles with Sebastian for mastery of the apartment. Their feud gets all the more complicated when an over-involved landlord, well-intentioned fiancé, and a no-nonsense police officer get involved. “aMUSEd” captures and explores our tendency to honor the dead by refusing to live, and leads us, through the ancient art of comedy, to live with the past and move forward.

REHEARSALS for aMUSEd will be from August 31st-September 23rd and Performances will run from September 24th-October 17th. Please bring all conflicts with you to the audition.


Character Descriptions for aMUSEd audition:

Nikki: a young, well-educated, willfully independent lawyer who is haunted by a past she does nothing but stubbornly run from and fight to forget.

Sebastian: a witty, clever, and picturesque man who seems to appear to be in his twenties or thirties, but has a strange air about him.

Tyler: an extremely talkative, naive, and overbearing man who is also landlord of the apartment.

Kasey: a strict with others, but easy on herself police officer with an attitude.
All characters are great fun and appear more than once. Sides will be released for each character, as we get closer to the audition date.